Show them you care

Dogs add so much to our lives. They love us unconditionally, they entertain us, they keep us company and they guard us.  Life is simply incomplete without the love of a dog and a house is not a home without a dog.

Let us help you show your love and appreciation to them. 

"The nicest bed I've ever seen. My 2 dachshunds love it. I purchased one and now I have to buy a second because they fight over it!"

Sarah Haora

“Alfie loves his bowl! It’s been great in slowing him down and also letting him explore a little more rather than just gulping it down! I love that it’s neutral too. The black and white doesn’t make it stick out in our kitchen and let’s us leave it out rather than putting it away. The mat underneath is also super helpful for when Alf gets excited about his dinner and would usually move the bowl around whilst eating!”

Ashleigh Henry

"I love love love the Burrow Bed .... and so does my dachshund. The design and fabric are perfect for a dog who likes to be covered and they are able to crawl in and out with out any help from you. Easy to take out the pillow and pop it in the washing machine. Best design in a burrow bed I've seen. Highly recommend it. "

Rene Alford

"Rusty loves his new Burrow Bed from Bell 'n Sade but not to keen on sharing with the puppies."

Karen Halley

About Us

Bella and Sadie, my two miniature dachshunds, were my inspiration behind starting this journey. I wanted to give them the very best, and after lots of searching I just couldn’t find products that I was happy with and that met my criteria

So, after some research, and in consultation with Bella and Sadie of course, I came up with a range of high-quality products that any owner would be confident and proud to give their fur-babies.

Proudly Australian Owned